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Easton" Ferrone's extensive collection of Easton memorabilia. Charles de Krafft hand-drew the oldest of the three, apparently to help the family of Thomas Penn -- son of William Penn -- recoup the value of land lost to the fog of the American Revolution.

"That is one of several pieces of my collection that I considered the crown jewels in my collection, and if I would have maintained the collection for a few more years, it's quite possible I might have done the same thing with it," Ferrone said Friday of the donation. Thomas Penn had received the 1,000 acres comprising Easton in 1736, and it served as the government seat of a county created out of Bucks County by an act signed by Gov. Forks Township residents Richard and Virginia "Ginny" Hope speak Feb.

The World Atlas of Solar Eclipse Paths features maps showing the paths of all total, annular and hybrid eclipses. The atlas spans five millennia from -1999 to 3000 (2000 BCE to 3000 CE).

The Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses contains maps of every solar eclipse from -1999 to 3000 (2000 BCE to 3000 CE).

Each link in the following table displays a page containing 10 years of eclipses.

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