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Respect the rules and your fellow writers, don't try to join while underage, and you will be fine.While House of Eros may primarily be the oasis for erotic play-by-post role-playing, it provides a wide spectrum of role-playing opportunities, ranging from fandom writing to original settings, story-driven plots to linear erotica. I read the review of this site today, and joined today. House Eros is a team of degenerates from Blue Moon Roleplay.

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Want a break from sexy and/or smutty RPs but would still like to maintain other adult themes?

Want an RP that is just totally PG-13, PG or even G? Groups and 1x1s with the intent of NOT including graphic and/or explicit sex go here.

*ALL MALE REQUESTS ARE INDEPENDENT OF YOUR ACTUAL GENDER! Sub Forums: M - Long Term & General Requests, M - Short Term & Quick Connects Private roleplay request threads that cannot be categorized as being by just females or just males (or at least by just female or just male personae).

So, if you are seeking to RP as a futa, hermaphrodite or anything else that cannot be categorized as decidedly male or female, place your request thread here.

Enforce the rules all the time and make them apply to everyone or just don't bother.

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