Bengcams - Alternative dating systems

Mike, from Cambridge, also called in to remind us about thermo-luminescence which can be used in pottery, also obsidian hydration and uranium trail dating when you observe the trails left behind by uranium decomposition. Traditionally, lean meats were wrapped with fatty meats, like filet mignon, in a process called larding, when cooked.C) dating usually want to know about the radiometric[1] dating methods that are claimed to give millions and billions of years—carbon dating can only give thousands of years.

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So, we have a “clock” which starts ticking the moment something dies.

Obviously, this works only for things which were once living.

A calendar is a system of organising days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes.

This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years.

There's also uranium-lead dating, which has an age range of 1-4.5 million years old.

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