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But “attempting” and “enjoying” are two different things.And for a lot of couples, the discomfort – or even severe pain – associated with their first try at anal sex scares them away from any follow-up experimentation. At that point it became abundantly clear my backend wasn’t a welcome host to his visitor. So in many ways, anal sex really , depending on your world view).

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A spokesman for the agency said: ”Arse Bandits is the first site specifically for lovers of backdoor action.

I was 23 when my boyfriend attempted to introduce me to anal sex by taking a different route to our usual one, mid coitus. But several years later in the throes of passion with a new lover, I did the unthinkable and let him go out back. So despite our ongoing stigmatization of anal sex, and despite what your friends are saying (or not saying), chances are if they’re not currently doing it, they’ve given it a go.

When you meet someone for the first time its not a great chat up line to ask if they love anal so how do you find that person that shares the same sexual preference?

Well here at anal daters we have genuine members men and women from all over America looking to find someone like them that enjoys anal sex.

Hi guys well I finally met up with Mark and lets say my ass is sore as hell, Ive never had sex like it before and cant wait to meet up with him again this Saturday :-) I will let you know how it all goes and if he lets me I will post a couple of pics x Tina, 28 Just sitting here thinking should I go and do some housework or get my toys out and have a quick play, well the toys are out.

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