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The sun sign indicates the position of the sun in the particular sign at the time of birth. The sign represents the way you deal with situations in life.

People born under different sun signs have different ways of looking at love and romance.

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However, understand that relationships (in a wide sense and especially love unions) are never the ultimate goal in life, nor the ultimate purpose of life.

All relationships are just a means or a tool to develop your own Self further and further towards perfection. Online dating is one of these methods where you actually don't see each other and still are able to know some of the most important personal interests before you actually meet. What are the chances that these unintelligible abbreviations will ever attract someone that you might call your soulmate? And how to find a buddy when you just don't like dancing, overwhelming noise, etc...?

This is the moment that marks the physical birth of the Internet. am PDT, Los Angeles, CA Later, on October 1, Node 2 was connected at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), to be followed by the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) on November 1 and the University of Utah in December.

But these are not so important dates, The second key date in the Internet history is October 29, 1969.

This article presents the history related to the birth of the internet, outlining the two key dates and times that may be used for the natal chart of the internet.

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