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These reactions are all part of the sympathetic nervous system response, often referred to as the “fight or flight” response.

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I suppose the thing to do would be for someone to do do a survey, and for shelters to make note [if they don't already] of the colour and breed of each animal that comes into the shelter, and the colour and breed of each animal adopted.

There is a rumour about black cats - that shelters will not adopt out black cats during October, Halloween month, because black cats are used in satanic worship [another pile of myths right there], or people just keep them for a few days, because there are doing a Halloween theme in their home, and want a black cat to complete the picture.

Add the ginger juice, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve and top it up with tonic water.

* Garnish: Cucumber Slice Pink Lips Immerse in pink while sipping delicious combination of Pomegranate juice with vodka.

For many dogs awaiting adoption, the speed with which they find a home may rest not on their breed, gender or age but on one trait that has no bearing on their personality or temperament.

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