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Consolidating your assets into one CNB Rollover IRA will help you maintain a single investment strategy that is in-line with your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.401(k) or other employer-sponsored qualified plans have limited investment choices.

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By consolidating your retirement accounts into one single, CNB Rollover IRA, your money has the potential to work harder for you and keeping track of your investments can be easier and more convenient as your assets continue to grow tax-deferred.

Below are several benefits of consolidating your Retirement Accounts into a single CNB Rollover IRA: Maintaining retirement accounts with different financial institutions can make it very difficult to maintain a consistent, comprehensive investment strategy.

If they are all retirement accounts, such as 401k, 403b, IRA, etc.

that can be rolled over into an IRA, it is probably a good idea to consolidate them into one account.

When you consolidate into a CNB Rollover IRA, many of those restrictions and limitations can be avoided.

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