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He had run unopposed, as party forces acknowledged that he was their best hope in the race for the US Senate seat vacated by Democrat Ben Nelson. I almost never turned down any opportunity to be involved in some community effort during that entire time.

The delegates seemed eager but edgy when Kerrey rolled out his red-meat campaign against the unknown and largely invisible Nebraska state Sen. Despite her low profile, the tea party Republican was killing Kerrey in the polls, thanks to millions in super-PAC funds from Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts. I came back disabled to this state.” His voice kept rising in pitch and volume; if the speech was rehearsed, it was still raw. Karl Rove—I’m not sure he’s ever been in Nebraska—is telling Nebraskans a lie. So it’s a lie.” Kerrey’s handlers know that such oratorical jags may represent their best chance of climbing back into this race, but they are also painfully aware that he can come across as thin-skinned and defensive.

One of America's most famous fitness experts, Harper has been the coach for countless contestants on the hit reality competition , which began in 2004.

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'" WATCH: Bob Harper Opens Up About Major Heart Attack: 'I Was Dead' Last week, Harper appeared on the "Today" show where he got candid about his cardiac incident, and admitted that he nearly died in the gym.

Although he appeared as a trainer in the Queer Abs workout DVD, Bob has apparently not publicly discussed his sexual orientation, although he has discussed topics such as religion (“I love being a trainer; it’s something that just fits — it’s hearing God’s calling for me,” he told the Sun-Sentinel).

NBC and Harper’s reps did not immediately return FOX411’s request for comment.

Following his shocking heart attack in February, celebrity fitness trainer Bob Harper has been slowly but surely getting back into his old routines -- and the "Biggest Loser" host opened up about his near-death experience while sitting down with Andy Cohen on Tuesday's "Watch What Happens Live." Harper, who has been a celebrity health and fitness guru for years, told Cohen that there were a number of warning signs he ignored before his heart attack struck.

contestants Phillip and Amy Parham called in to the Monsters in the Morning show on Real Radio 104.1 two weeks ago (listen on i Tunes, around ), and when asked “Is Bob married? Bob’s not married.” The host, Russ Rollins, said, “I didn’t think he was married. Winky winky,” while another show cast member fell back on gay stereotypes to get further confirmation, asking who they’d want to “design the interior of your house,” and Phillip said, “Oh it’d be Bob, for sure.” So does this mean anything? Another radio show cast member, Daniel Dennis, later said, “we didn’t figure out anything,” and of course a gay person could be married and/or not interested in interior design.

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