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"NO RESERVE" GRETSCH 1960'S HARDSHELL CASE "NO RESERVE" THIS GRETSCH HARDSHELL CASE IS FROM THE 1960'S. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, CHECKS MUST WAIT 10 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING. FIT'S A 16" BOTTOM BOUT GUITAR WITH A 3" THICKNESS AND A 41&1/2" LENGTH WITH NO PROBLEM. THIS 1960'S GRETSCH HARDSHELL CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE! Please consider Tone Gems a resource for vintage guitars, amps and gear of non-repute. In fact, the 5XL is identical in electronics and appearance to the earlier Silvertone 14 amps that were built by Danelectro.

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At that level it’s easy for the player to control the output and vary the tone from clean to full distortion. It sounds really good with a decent analog delay or analog reverb pedal. Hope you have a good set of speakers connected to your computer.

Dislikes: Cheap cabinet materials and shoddy construction. But with only three tubes pushing 5-watts it’s more fun to dial this puppy to 10! Here is Jon playing his modified Squier thinline Tele through the 5XL.

The CE-2 Chorus on the other hand is THE sound of an entire decade.

Stomp on a CE-2 and its like taking a time-warp back to the ‘80s. I’m gonna skip ahead a little to 1988: The year that changed everything.

The DD-3 is a 12-bit digital delay with analog feedback and mixing stage.

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