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In May, the 14-year-old, along with her dad, David, travelled to Toronto to take part in auditions for YTV's The Next Star."When we first went there and the lineup was all the way around the whole place, my dad said, 'I'll give you if we go home,'" she said, during a phone interview while on a break from taping the show. A dozen singers, including Gillis, received gold tickets that allowed them to continue to the semi-finals.

"At that point, I didn't think I'd make it, but then I decided to stay."Gillis certainly made the right decision. When the performances were over, host Adamo Ruggiero, of Degrassi: The Next Generation fame, announced who would proceed to the final round."It was kind of scary. Gillis said she was "really excited," when she received hers."I don't know if I showed it on camera, but I was in shock," she said. I'm excited, but I'm still trying to stay in reality."The six participants -- Charlotte, Dunnery, Maranda, Christina, Alyssa and Briar -- are now being mentored by industry professionals on every aspect of the music industry, from vocal exercises to participating in media interviews to perfecting the perfect look. Votes are cumulative -- there are daily voting limits and text message charges for cellphone voting -- and will continue until all six contestants have performed at the live finale.

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It Bites may also be described as a band as heavily influenced by pop as it is by progressive rock.

The band's musical development can be split into four clear phases - their The Big Lad in the Windmill phase (in which they embraced various varieties of contemporary pop, funk, sophisti-pop, and Queen-style glam rock and processed it through their progressive rock influences); the Once Around the World phase (in which they produced 1970s style progressive rock with a 1980s contemporary producer-pop gloss); the Eat Me in St.

She is popular for starring the role of Richelle on the Family Channel series The Next Step.

And thanks to Myles Erlick (who plays Billy Elliot on Broadway) and Briar Nolet, it's probably gonna stay that way for a while. (Screenshot via You Tube) Briar's character is clearly pissed at Myles', and probably for good reason (hence the shoving-the-i Phone-in-his-face scene).

She has also been appearing on the Family Channel series The Next Step since a long time.

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