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, was objecting to some of the remodeling efforts being undertaken the wave of Bukharian Jewish immigrants that began flooding the neighborhood earlier in the decade.

The verdict — delivered as one juror wept and wiped her eyes — brought an end, or at least a bookmark, to a tale of dysfunction in a family that had looked like an American success story.

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Driven from their adoptive homelands in Central Asia by the collapse of the USSR, forced out of backwater republics with basket-case economies such as Uzbekistan or Tajikistan, many of them now pulled up stakes and practically airlifted into Queens.

Unfortunately for the borough’s more “indigenous” (i.e., Ashkenazic) Jewish inhabitants, their Mizrahi cousins brought with them their culture’s bizarre building habits and aesthetic preferences.

However, the restaurant lists its hashgacha (Vaad of the Five Towns) in the window.

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In fact, it was not until an earthquake in 1720 that left Samarkhand uninhabitable, that all of the Jews living in the region moved to Bukhara.

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