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I'm not Bulgarian but have been to Bulgaria a few times as I lived just over the border (south of Plovdiv) in Greece for a few years. Also went south of Plovdiv to the Greek/Bulgarian border, to the ski area and to Bachcovo Monastery.

There was a bus going from the town i lived in to Plovdiv every day. You have a lovely country from what I've seen - the old part of Plovdiv is wonderful, and Nesebar and Varna and Sozopol are beautiful. All the tourist trips seem to take in Rila Monastery but not Bachcovo. The only thing that is not so good is the weather - it rains just as much as here I think! The country is nice yes This summer hol we spent couple of weeks at the seaside and after then hiking in Rila mountain. About the weather, very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

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Im excited to see my birthparents, but im also looking forward to the GIRLS out there..the sites, but really just birthparents and bulgarian girls! They have something unique in their faces and expressions.

I can`t explane it, you must see it with your own eyes.

It starts, like a high school dance, with groups of boys and girls in separate clumps, occasionally shaking hands and checking each other out - while mothers and fathers stay discreetly in the background.

The event's reputation as a 'bridal market' goes back generations.

Are the stereotypes the key to Bulgaria’s generally bad image abroad?

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