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Because these are assumed, we cannot have any confidence that the calculated age is correct.Thus, scientists always compare their calculated result with what they think the answer should be.For example: Scientists have dated a female figurine commonly called the Venus of Willendorf or the Woman of Willendorf to 24,000 to 22,000 BCE.

If an object is really a million plus years old as interpreted by Uniformitarian geology then it should not have any Thank you, Talk Origins for proving the point of the claim.

They are once again begging the question since the way to determine if an object is contaminated with "younger" or "older" carbon is by dating it with some other method.

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According to modern Flood geology there was a rapid increase in This is begging the question, since the only way to know if an object is too old to date by radiocarbon dating is to date it by another method within the same theoretical system.

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