Cd tv video chat rooms

Even though it has not been actively developed for a while, it runs stable and serves as an easy to use, end to end encrypted and data protecting video chat and conference utility.Recently, we reactivated the development in form of a local hacksession that resulted in an additional ‘Audio Only’ option when joining a conference, a new and more stable backend and an update of our webrtc abstraction library that should solve some issues with newer browser versions.

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Also, we put our cool logo picturing the ‘palava parrot’ on the home page :-) In the next months, we will tackle some more improvements and features.

If you’re interested in helping out in any of these, please let us know via [email protected] We want to help you getting started with palava and to understand the different parts of the project.

The palava project consists of multiple parts which are repositories on our Github account.

For more information about the parts, see the readme files in the respective repositories.

No more cumbersome experience of sitting in front of a laptop or looking at the tiny smartphone screen.

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