Chat rooms i don t need to register

Rooms are not password protected, but their names are not listed publicly, either. You don't need to register an account in order to use the dice rooms.

However, for advanced features like the forum, you do need to make an account with a password: Register a New Account Posting rolls to forums a lot?

There are way around this of course and you can still get Flash player installed but certainly is a lot of messing about, I have tried to install it myself and failed, you can try the following video to try to get it installed, the Puffin browser solution at the top of this page is the best way around the Flash Player problem for the time being and seems to work well with an IPAD.

Also some of the apps that you can download from Itunes can be a bit hit and miss and often leave u frustrated by having paid for something that’s not good, or something that doesn’t install properly or doesn’t work on your version of IPad, I feel your pain if that’s happened to you.

Join us in the Mountain Lake Mn Chat Room for the latest cross talk in the area.

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