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Talking about his thoughts and feelings may actually serve as a release-valve, thus buying more time. A suicide threat assessment tool that I find helpful is easily remembered by the acronym SLAP DIRT: When depression is present, suicidal persons can send out conflicting signals.

One of the most dangerous periods is on the way down, when they are unhappy with life and close to the bottom but still have enough energy to carry out a plan.

This again seems to be to confuse a surface matter with deeper, underlying issues.

Also, to be sure, all of us face financial pressures. The same can be said regarding #7, lack of communication.

Location: Waldorf, MD; Crozet, VA Director of Education and Community Outreach Counsels: Ages 15 , male and female individuals, couples, marriage, premarital, family Areas of Specialty: Pre-marital, marriage, family, couples, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, pornography, infidelity, grief, anger, divorce, mood disorders, issues related to military service.

Locations: Silver Spring, MD; Waldorf, MD; Upper Marlboro East, MD Kathleen R.

Here are the results: What are we to make of this list?

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