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I did not expect to see him before he left but he was making all the right gestures - being present, affectionate, etc. I eventually paid dearly, emotionally, for not listening to my instincts. He just spent Thanksgiving with his in-laws and once again the wall went up. He really pushed for the relationship to move forward and in spite of my initial reluctance, I went along with his wishes.My W is very open about his late wife and their life together.

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I am so alone and like so many others have so much love to give. The notion that I have to wait some indeterminate time to please someone else who suffered in this loss is lunacy. She is now with the Lord free of cancer and any other concerns. It's been really, really good in everyway - except. I'm not a jealous person, listened without getting into the conversation. He knew before he left how much he had hurt my feelings but just said before he left "don't be mad at me." That was 4 days ago and I still have not heard from him. Your experience sounds so similar to the one that I had with my ex-fiance of three years.

It truly would not have made any difference but that is the truth. I reject, however, the notion that someone other than myself "knows" when it would be ok to date again. Dating at this age is a whole different ballgame than when your in your 20s/30's. For the last 4 months I've been dating a widower who lost his wife three years ago (they were married 15 years). We've had a really great time, talking, having great conversations, going places, doing things, cooking, etc. About six weeks ago they came to FL for the winter and he was going to see them and the day before he left I could feel the wall going up. But the talking about "my wife, my in-laws" never stopped. Don't treat or make this new person feel like your emotional pitstop.

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