Dating an emotional vampire

To protect yourself, you need to override these automatic responses using your more-evolved higher brain centers.Instead of merely reacting, you need to ask yourself what you want to happen and adjust your behavior accordingly.What’s really happening is that your energy field is being sapped.

So this blog is about how we learn to live with abuse and then unlearn; it's based on my personal experience.

This Is Part Of The Abusive Website A lack of empathy is a major sign that the one you love is abusive or has a personality disorder according to the current thinking in psychology.

You may be perfectly fine going about your day, but after five minute with this person everything just seems to start going downhill.

Living with an abusive person means learning to live in a topsy-turvy world where normal rules do not apply.

If you're not careful, they will use you to fill it. The ones you are most likely to meet at work are: If you know who these people are, and already feel yourself getting frustrated with them, you know first-hand how they drain you dry — by using your own emotions against you. They drain you by tapping into the automatic emotional responses programmed into the lower levels of your brain.

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