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I was talking about pre-engagement or 'promise' rings as known in Western countries, and if they are part of Ukrainian dating customs? I was never in Ukraine, but I have never seen it in Poland. They were also known as chastity rings or abstinence rings.

In some churches, purity-promise rings are accompanied with a religious vow with implication that the wearer will remain abstinent until replaced with a wedding ring.

) bottle of bourbon upside-down at or near the site where they’ll say their vows.

Bridesmaids are not a traditional part of Spanish weddings, but with Hollywood's influence, they are becoming so.

At the reception, the head table is traditionally set for 6: the bride, the groom and their parents.

The use of the mantilla (a form of headdress) as an everyday accessory goes back to the XVII century, but the custom has been lost and the mantilla is now sometimes worn by older generations as part of a costume or in religious ceremonies.

However, the mantilla is making a comeback in modern times as part of a young bride's wedding attire: brides who want a traditional wedding are opting to wear the traditional lace mantilla instead of a (unity coins), which represent his commitment to support her.

At the reception, a guest will grab a big bowl or a hat and shout ‘THE BRIDE IS FOR SALE.’ He then puts money in the bowl, passes it on, and starts to dance with the bride.

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