Dating bach stradivarius trumpet

The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world.

The 180S37 features a #37 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell that produces a warm sound with great projection allowing this instrument to work well in multiple musical settings—from jazz to concert or solo playing.

(Note: People have copied my slide and are selling their own version. We started with a large bore 1930's NY Bach cornet, and changed it into a 1930's style Bach trumpet utilizing a lightweight model 25 bell and a #6 leadpipe.

That may eliminate the ones with the higher serial number because some people think they are of lower quality than the earlier ones. I would (1) bet that there are subtle differences in the horns and (2) would strive to find those differences and choose the one that most suits you, no matter what the serial number is.

Besides the obvious regarding dents and other damage, things to look for include: 1.

Comes with Bach 7C mouthpiece and a zippered Cordura covered wood shell case.

Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both an accomplished musician and a talented engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality.

Or are all the auctions for new horns and my tarnished old POS won't get much attention?

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