Dating nippon porcelain age

Guide to Noritake China & Dating Noritake Marks – Antique Marks The Morimura Brothers formed the Noritake company in Tokyo and opened an export office in New York.

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For porcelain collectors, this makes dating your piece really easy.

If your piece is marked "Nippon," then it was made and imported between 18.

Considered to be works of art today, these Nippon-marked pieces are highly prized by collectors; however, dating them can be tricky, unless you know exactly what to look for. customs laws required Japanese importers to substitute the word “Japan” instead.

Look at the underside of the china piece to determine if it has the original "Nippon" back stamp intact. Study the back stamp carefully for clues in dating the piece.

In addition to the Nippon mark, pieces made for the U. market from 1911 to 1921 often have the letter “M” in a wreath.

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