Disability living allowance backdating

The grant is paid to people getting any of the payments mentioned above.

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Disability living allowance backdating

I sent back my IS10 on Friday of last week, I attached a first class stamp to it and I phoned today to see if they had received it only to be surprised and told a decision was made today that I am entitled to SDP of £61 per week and this will be backdated to March 21st ( when I made my original PIP claim) So all in all it really only took 1 week from sending away to decision. Typically, it takes around a week from posting something to it being scanned onto DWP's system.

The delay in dealing with your correspondence once it is scanned is variable.

The Forum provides user representation covering visual, hearing, physical, learning, hidden, mental health and multiple disabilities and focuses specifically on the housing issues which affect people with disabilities.

A highly trained Text Relay operator provides a communicative link between the textphone user (who is deaf) and the hearing person.

If your care or supervision needs start before age 65 the almost equivalent benefit is Disability Living Allowanceor Personal Independence Payment If you are over 65 with daily or nightly care or supervision needs then you can claim Attendance Allowance.

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