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With characteristic irony, Pope writes that, "Among other things, we shared a mutual fear of celery." Her relationship with Springfield emerges from Anti Diva as the most significant in Pope's life to date.

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Survivors included her partner of 33 years (a jewelry maker), her brother and co-composer, and a cocker spaniel named Little Billie, named after one of her favorite singers.

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Now in its 50th year, the club has survived the transition from snail mail to HTML, its vintage membership perks intact; batches of high-gloss photos and customized cards are still mailed out. After experiencing back pain following an extensive tour, Lesley Gore went in for an MRI.

The club inadvertently gives new meaning to being a “card-carrying lesbian.” I like to imagine a happier world in which queer women could effortlessly Bat Signal one another by flashing our Lesley Fan Club credentials — that is, if more queer women actually knew that Lesley was gay. She discovered that the pain meant a tumor, and the tumor meant terminal lung cancer brought on by years of smoking.

Her many backstage tantrums usually ended up with her throwing something, be it a vase or shoes, and food fights were a favourite way to relieve stress.

Like many stars, she slid into heavy drinking and drug dependency but she was also addicted to emotional turbulence.

She died soon after, a couple days after Valentine’s this past February; she was 68.

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