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I know the ones serving are the ones who are doing the “real job” but I think the wives (and some husbands too, of course), are the ones who sacrifice the most. Being a medic is more dangerous than being a police officer.

Your husband is saving lives and you’re just complaining that he doesn’t have tons of time to see you.

For those of you who have worked on-call: when your 4 year old daughter knows the work phone as the “money” phone. You ask yourself “what should I have for lunch” while attempting to pick up an extra piece of a limb at a motor vehicle accident 9. You arrive at home in your own car after work, and attempt to mark yourself “At Station” on an imaginary MDT. You know that when a kid has been injured the person who will take up most of your time managing at the scene will be the parent, regardless of how sick or injured the child is 12. You attend a regular patient, and play the game “how much of the patient health care record can I complete before I get there” 15. You lay your uniform, including socks, underwears, shoes, watch, and Ambulance keys down beside your bed in preparation for the “Big Job” – even when you’re off duty. You have at least one “things up people’s butts” story. You often finish a story with “and then he died” 56. You cringe when you arrive on scene and someone says you will need a chair or the patient can’t walk – umm… You don’t know how to operate all the nursing machines, but you can easily identify and utilize the silence buttons 82. You’ve never worked out the importance of taking a diastolic blood pressure 87. Although, unable to speak any other language, are adeptly fluent in all hand languages to signify that the patient can walk out to the Ambulance 89.

You really believe that the Ambulance lights and sirens are in fact an invisibility cloak that makes it impossible for cars to see you and get out of your way 13. When you arrive at a call and your first impression is, Umm why am I here. You describe a hospital gown as a “nice backless number” 83. Know that its easier and more accurate to check a patient’s medications than to ask them what previous medical illnesses they have. Have been caught out at some stage by suggesting that you will decide if a patient can walk or not, only to find that they have a broken leg. You’ve looked at a drunken patient and thought “they called the wrong emergency service…” 92.

The accused murderer of a Bronx EMT stayed in his jail cell Wednesday, dodging a courtroom packed with the victim’s angry and grief-stricken co-workers.

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