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Ryan memorizes Bible verses as a child and attends Bible college as a young man. When Drexel Hemsley – the film’s Elvis-esque figure – tops the music charts, the mesmerized Ryan feels he knows what Drexel “The Dream” is thinking.The two are dead ringers (Rayne plays both parts); Ryan insists to inquirers they’re not related.

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He said, “They have these nuns who look like little angels come in, and they care what happens to you.

They just sit there and talk to you about you, and they’re going to talk to you about being better, and you’re not trash and God loves you and God wants something for you.

The film brings together three generations of the Marcellino family — Dustin Marcellino, who directed; his father Yochanan Marcellino; and his grandfather, record producer Jerry Marcellino.

Howard Klausner (“Space Cowboys”) wrote the screenplay, inspired by an idea from Wade Cummins. The film also stars Brian Geraghty, Joe Pantoliano, Amanda Crew and Erin Cottrell.

Most of us are vaguely aware that the Underground Railway was a series of trails and safe houses used by slaves on their exodus toward freedom. Anthony Cohen, an African-American, wanted to experience the same adversities and triumphs that those who traveled it knew.

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