Error updating locale 7970

usually a simple issue of files being in the wrong location on the server: What phone load on the 7970 and what version of CM, including dev pack?

Take a look at these in bug toolkit on CSCef34048, CSCsa61342 /Wes bababooey at wrote: I receive this message on all my 7970 phones on Call Manager 4.1.3. It does not seem to cause a problem,however the error message appears to users on phone loading.

We have A Call Manager 6.1.2, with installed locales for french and romanian, locale file versions 6.1.2000-1 Users complain, that they can't change the locale for IP Communicator any more (since the upgrade to 6.1.2; previous version was 5.1.2, with locale files) Those, that had the CIPC locale changed previously to French for example, are stuck with that, being unable to change it back to English either.

error updating locale 7970-51

It occurs when the phones are located over a low speed link - separated from the CCM.

They seem to time out while trying to download the locale file. HTH, Art Hi Art, This problem is not only but also in local and remote phones.

Some product documentation on them can be found here Note that the 7941G and 7961G have been superseded by the 79 model phones.

The End-Of-Sale and End-Of-Life announcement for the hardware of the 79 series phones can be found here.

Cisco recommends using the most recent 7.0(3) load as the intervening load to avoid lengthy upgrade times.#•If you are currently running firmware 6.0(2) to 7.0(2) on a Cisco Unified IP Phone and want to upgrade to 8.x(x), you can do so directly.

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