Extreme 268 cam dwyane wade and gabrielle union dating

probably the Comp cams is too much for my converter and it's better to put the Edelbrock performer again.

That cam should work well with 9.75:1 to 10.0:1 static compression ratio and a 2500 stall converter.

"Strong mid-range", "2200 stall" The Sizzler is rated to stall at 1500 to 1700 behind a small block, so in my opinion, this cam would be too soggy on the bottom for the converter you have.

As for changing the springs with the heads on they make a couple different tools to do that. I know it also has 150 compression in all 8 cylinders according to the build sheet from the machine shop that rebuilt my motor.

I would suggest making sure the piston was in the top of the cylinder so the valve does not fall into the cylinder and then pressurize it with air or push a piece of rope into the cylinder to make sure they stay XE268 from Comp and the Lunati Voo Doo 262 are two of the best designed street/strip cams currently on the market to build around... that EE 268H cam is a bit too big if running stock heads with 1.94"/1.5" valves... I decided to go on youtube last night - probably about the same time or just before DFWMalibu posted that comment - thanks After seeing the Lope of the Extreme 268 - I decided to go a diffrent route.

I have to agree with Baaboo, how did you get to 9.5 to 1 compression and what year is the engine? that cam wants to HP peak around 6,000 RPMs with 425 - 450 HP... I went with an Edelbrock Performer Plus Cam (Part # 2102) and the Stronger RPM Valve spring kit (Part # 5794)cause I accidently ordered the wrong ones (I called Edelbrock Support to make sure they would work and the tech guy said yes I would be fine and if I later on wanted to upgrade to the performer RPM Cam I could without issue since I was running the stronger Valve springs)Here are the specs on the Performer Plus Cam - Chevrolet Performer-Plus Camshaft Kit Duration Advertised 278 Intake/288 Exhaust Duration @ .050'' 204 Intake/214 Exhaust Lift @ Valve .420'' Intake/.442'' Exhaust Lift @ Cam .280'' Intake/.295'' Exhaust Lobe Separation Angle 112 Intake Centerline 107 Intake Timing @ .050" Open 5 ATDC Close 29 ABDC Exhaust Timing @ .050" Open 44 BBDC Close 10 BTDC I will also be running the Performer Intake 2102so I will almost be an Edelbrock guy with all the edelbrock parts on my car LOL 86 Monte Carlo SS - 350 - built Turbo 350 tranny - Computer Delete with a Mallory Vac advance Distributor #8548201C - Eddy Carb #1406 Eddy 2101 Aluminum Dual Plane Intake, Eddy Performer plus Cam and Lifter Kit with #5794 Valve Spring Kit Buzz's first article seems to be aimed at the average joe instead of joe mechanic...

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