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As Marcel Proust said, "it's our imagination that is responsible for love, not the other person.”If you’re unsure if you’re having an emotional affair, here are some red flags: You begin confiding in your crush instead of your partner. You lie to your partner about the time you spend together.

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In our increasingly connected world, defining what is and isn’t cheating is getting complicated. But how does one define an emotional affair when the boundaries are so ambiguous?

Is it cheating to secretly keep Tinder on your phone, just for the thrill of the swipe? Or obsessively crushing on the Instagram of a friend of a friend you’ve never met? But then, what about simply having a friend you sometimes drink alone with, with whom there’s sexual tension—and you like it. With sex, the line is clear: Don’t enter anyone else.

We don't question why people have affairs or turn to dating sites for adults services.

Adults online also use Flirt Fair to find love and soul mates through chats for love matching.

Adult chat is for people that like to flirt and talk about sex with strangers.

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