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Is being a massage therapist a plus for your love life? He has his own regimen and he's always worried that I'll overwork him. It'll be like a twenty-minute massage and he'll be like, "I need a cigarette." What it like to be with a musician? There was an excitement about it as opposed to the uncertainty and fear that you feel at the beginning of a relationship.

We met through a friend, and our first date was skating, a movie, and coffee-shop crosswords. It took me a while to realize this about myself, but I actually like to make the first move. I don't understand why more women don't accept that part of themselves. But it's helped to open my heart and want something deeper. I have a really physical energy, but I would have that even if I wasn't a massage therapist. My fiancé is a pianist, and he's always nervous about me massaging him. I just wanted to treasure him and spoil him because I was overflowing with this happiness.

It classified French as the langue d'instruction or "language of instruction", and Creole was classified as an outil d'enseignement or a "tool of education". Félix Morisseau-Leroy was another influential author of Haitian Creole work.

The Constitution of 1987 names both Haitian Creole and French as the official languages, but recognizes Haitian Creole as the only language that all Haitians hold in common. Since the 1980s, many educators, writers, and activists have written literature in Haitian Creole.

Once she revealed herself as the voice of the tyrannical tot who idolizes Grandma and thinks sharing is for Socialists, she parlayed it into a book deal in 2013.

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