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We believe no non-white, or any person of any other race; should ever have been brought to these shores for any reason, and conversely no white man should ever have so much as darkened Africa with his shadow. Miscongenation means the mixture of the races, especially the black and white races, or those of outstanding type, or color. It is against different branches of the same stock intermarrying such as Jews marrying other descendants of Abraham ( Ezra 9-10, Neh. Abraham forbade Eliezer to take a wife for Isaac of canaanites ( Gen. God was so pleased with this that He directed whom to get ( Gen. Isaac forbade Jacob to take a wife of the canaanites ( Gen. Abraham sent all his sons of the concubines, and even of his second wife, far away from Isaac so their descendants would not mix (Gen. Esau disobeying this law brought the final break between him and his father after lifelong companionship with him ( Gen , -35, , 28:8-9) 9.

Source: being a Hate Group, the site states: We are basically Biblically correct separatists, we believe that God intended all races to be separate, we believe this is a Biblical Principal.

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Was doing some research on a book I’m writing and I came across this. You must be a free white male or female of European descent, at least 18 years of age. You must be a Protestant able to profess faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior 3. God forbad intermarraige between Israel and all other nations ( Ex -16, Dt 7:3-6) 13.

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