Free sextext chat german've ever sent/posted a "suggestive" text or picture, why did you do it?

To try and find out, I discussed the topic with a whole bunch of mates, some of whom had caught their lovers sexting others, and some of whom had indulged in extra-curricular sextpeditions themselves. Texting someone naughty messages is as bad as doing the things you write in them. Sending jokey, flirty messages to a friend you have no sexual or romantic feelings for is cool, especially if that’s the tone in which you’ve always interacted.

The debate threw up some surprising and diverse points of view. But if somewhere inside yourself you want something more, and are sexting with that intent, then that’s not OK.

One of my roommates and I got a little silly and she started taking pictures of me in the tub with the bubbles strategically placed to cover my girly parts.

It was fun at the time..flash forward to when I finally got that roll of film developed (yes, this was before digital cameras). That was the last time I took any "sexy" pictures of myself.

As I looked through the pictures it occurred to me that the guy at the film place — a guy I didn't even know — had seen me naked (almost! NOW flash forward to today, when you can easily take a topless picture of yourself on your cell phone and send it to a guy without really thinking about it.

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