Friends double dating

At the Coffee House Joey simply shouts the name "Mike" in order to see if someone responds. Meanwhile, Monica has been offered a job in a great restaurant.She's afraid of telling Chandler that she wants to take this job, as it is in Manhattan meaning couldn't move with Chandler to Tulsa.

Double pairs up two Facebook friends to go on a joint date with two other friends they meet through the website's local network, tackling some of the perils of meeting virtual strangers face-to-face by making dating literally more social.

"It's more fun, less awkward and safer," said Double co-founder Gary Mac Donough.

Today, I got a call from my ladies' best friend saying, "We're double dating tonight....

and we won't take no for an answer"You gotta be kidding me.

Like on last night’s Do you like going on double dates?

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