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Yes you could say it falls under verbal abuse or negative attitude but lets be real.

(example from my last game) an ahri going T I L T E D T I L T E D T I L T E D T I L T E D T I L T E D T I L T E D with a macro made just to spam it 10 times a second after every time you die.

and these sarcastic as fuck comments *you have died* enemy: good job there enemy: your really "good" enemy: gonna be a "hard" game.

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So I like to think that that’s the idea of what the name is and as far as what we’re trying to express with this, it’s just, whatever we want you know.

So you can call it a cute play on words or a double entendre, cause that’s something that has more then one meaning, and this case, the title does you know?

Bluntslide Kickflip, Griffith Park - Peters Can you describe what ‘chat’ is? I’ll tell you all the things, I’ll give you a list of things that I think are chat. Uh, you know when there’s a long line at the coffee shop, that’s chat. I know, it’s called the two Drew crew, similar to the 2 Live Crew but it’s called the 2 Drew Crew. That’s good enough for me, hopefully it is for you too.

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