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(68 kg)Bust: 86 cm Birthday: July 16 (cancer)Likes: Snakes, Rain Dislikes: Birds, Boring Clothes Hebi is a very easily pleased girl.She tries to be as optimistic as possible but is ridiculed for her occupation.Hunie Pop is a game that has got a lot of bad rep in the last few months, because of the whole Gamergate controversy, and unjustly so.

Despite not looking like a bird, sounding like a bird, or being capable of independent flight, this guy had somehow managed to align himself to avian ideals and ethos, and he clung to this identity with as much tenacious smugness as a raw vegan. My concept of how this will play out is pretty cut and dry: I’m going to crash-land in the game world of St Pigeonation’s and shake up the student body in more ways than one.

In most buildings such proclamations would have established the offender as Resident Crazy, however I got the impression that in kook-friendly, alternative Bushwick he was Just Another Creative Guy Getting ON With His Shit. After registration, I’m going to adorably bumble my way into bed with as many beaks as I can muster.

I make all the appropriate noises in response to Icarus’s tale: I save my game just as the call to brunch sounds throughout Brooklyn. En-route to Williamsburg, a sign in the Subway proclaims a new science exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History , I successfully seduced a barely-legal permatanned Ganguro Girl with a mixture of low-key manipulation and autistic memorization of her vital statistics, which included blood type and breast size as well as surname and birthdate. Like an avian Alicia Silverstone, I’ll regale the class flock with my skills in debate, then get feather-finger-banged in the janitor’s closet during the lunch hour.

I feel confident that I can handle whatever throws at me. I intend to spend gameplay with one hand on the keys and one down my pants, filling up on feeling weird and #feelingmyself.

Zen, her snake seen in her sprites, is her best friend who sleeps and eats a lot.

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