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Nobody can agree on what a daddy exactly is — Is he a kinky dominant, a trusted friend, a source of financial aid, a muscular body, a smaller body, a hairy body, a boy-chaser, a mentality, or all the above?

I won’t offer an exact definition, because there is none, and the world of queer men would be a less beautiful place if there was.

But what the Dublin-born man and his mother DIDN’T know is that his father actually contemplated killing himself that very night. I actually got up that night when you all when to sleep… But luckily, as Riyadh says, his dad immensely regrets what could have happened and is now the “best dad in the f*cking world.” “If we can go from where we were to where we are now, which is just a completely different place, then you can, too,” Riyadh finished.

Father complex in psychology is a complex—a group of unconscious associations, or strong unconscious impulses—which specifically pertains to the image or archetype of the father.

Usually they’re in response to a playground tease, the common kind of slander — four eyes! So when his 11-year old middle son burst into tears and shrieked those three words, the reaction pierced his dad’s already-anxious heart. For those men, many of whom became parents during marriages or long-term relationships with women, the process is just as difficult.

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