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Contact the law enforcement officials in Kentucky for further information on Frank Wells's legal status.

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Unauthorized use of this information is strictly prohibited.

Costs of incarceration and probation are computed by the Department of Corrections.

Hilton’s behavior and words have echoes of the notorious case of Ethan Couch – the Texas teen who in 2013 struck and killed four pedestrians and whose defense argued that he’d been the victim of affluenza.

A California police officer told the Desert Sun at the time that several motorists had complained of “reckless driving.”The witness accounts of Mr.

It’s their brother, 20-year-old Conrad Hughes Hilton III. The Telegraph reports that according to a 17-page affidavit, witnesses said Conrad claimed, “I will f_cking own anyone on this flight; they are f_cking peasants” and complained that another passenger was giving him the “stink eye.” He also reportedly announced, “I could get you all fired in five minutes. You go, person who was born into incredible wealth!

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