Intimidating teacher names

“ARTUZ is not part of the Apex Council, and unfortunately, we do not share the same position (going on strike).

There are certain characteristics and behaviors that are common factors in the process of intimidating another person.

Two clinical psychologists, Braiker and Simon, have identified tactics that show how bullies use intimidation to control others: Alternatively, there are common behaviors that draw a manipulator to them, and Braiker and Simon have identified those.

ARTUZ president, Obert Masaraure said the government had not responded to its threat to embark on industrial action, adding teachers will down tools despite open harassment from authorities.“The strike is still on. We are documenting all the incidences of labour rights violations being committed by our employer and we will soon report the cases to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).”The government has offered housing stands as the 2016 bonus instead of cash, citing financial challenges, but the proposal was rejected by the Apex Council, a body representing civil servants.

Cecilia Alexander, the Apex Council boss yesterday urged civil servants to give dialogue a chance before planning on any job action.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa had tried to scrap the bonus, only to be overruled by President Robert Mugabe.

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