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) or the other Bodies in the Philippine jurisdiction and there you will learn that Right, Truth, and Religion, are one and the same. ) spawned three of the world’s great religions, namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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These ranks are needed so that individuals with specialized offices or responsibilities can function as a team. It also implies that requirements can be added to this "gospel" just as the Mormons have done to their gospel.

What About the Gap Theory and Ruin-Reconstruction Theories? Some, with more responsibility are officers, while others with less responsibility are enlisted men. If they have no desire to obey Him, they probably are not really saved! This phrase “through belief in Christ Jesus and the Gospel” shows that according to ADD theology, believing on Christ is not the same thing as believing in the gospel.

But after the death of the world’s greatest teacher, a tender branch sprouted and in less than three centuries grew to a size that relegated the adherents of Judaism to mediocrity.

Until finally, during the council of Nicea in AD 325, the congregation voted on the divinity of Jesus Christ.

In fact, I'm not going to waste my time debating with ADD members, they are a total waste of my time as every other debate. Macarthur of Grace to You that actually encourages people to study the Scriptures, I doubt it Eli Soriano does so.

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