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SPWeb Event Receiver Web Adding: event arises prior to a fresh web site is created, we can control the website to create or not to create by Web Adding event, then no Share Point site is created and the provisioning process is not started.Web Provisioned: event arise after the web is totally provisioned and process has stopped up.

A for Apple, A for Asynchronous and A for After events, so all Asynchronous events occur after the event, which does not stop the code to execute.

All Asynchronous events end with ‘ed’ letters like Site Deleted, Field Added, Item Added etc.

If we look at our example of creating a custom Content Type for “Functional Specifications”, we could extrapolate it to many different types of documents typically used in an enterprise, e.g.

In this article we’ll continue where we left off and see how we can add a hook in Share Point and enhance the content creation and approval process to make it more valuable to end users.

I see few options here: Breaking permissions would seem more acceptable for me, because the eventreceiver solution will provide error after user tries to make action rather than before it tries to do something.

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