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It’s also supported by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and counts The CJN as a community partner.Come on, visit the Jewish Internet Cafe where Jewish singles meet interesting and interested people in a flourishing Jewish singles community.We spend a lot of our time getting to know one another, putting up with one another, and sometimes, settling with one another. We can make time to search for that special person and it can actually be pretty fun.

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middle-aged women gather in the basement office of a brick building in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood to assure the survival of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

Black-hatted men and “modestly” dressed women come to them, some young, others less so, all single.

A matchmaker—usually a woman, but men provide the service as well—finds a match and informs the parents on each side.

The parents then conduct “research” into the proposed spouse.

All in all, it’s the experience that matters, what we learn from it and what we take from it.

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