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focuses on Robert Kearns and his legal battle against the Ford Motor Company when they developed an intermittent windshield wiper based on ideas the inventor had patented.The phrase "flash of genius", after which the film is titled, is patent law terminology which was in effect from 1941 to 1952, which held that the inventive act must come into the mind of an inventor as a kind of epiphany and not as a result of tinkering.As he drives his Ford Galaxie through a light rain, the constant movement of the windshield wipers irritates his troubled vision.

Mr Kearns explained how he rushed out of work and that because he was a dad, he gets '40 hours of respite per week under the socially acceptable provisor "supporting the family" while mum continues doing what women seem to so effortlessly do.' Learning: 'When I visited her in hospital yesterday we had a laugh about the difference it was for me and Sarah said "you should do updates on Facebook so you remember how hard it is",' Mr Kearns said 'Unshaven, hair a mess, wearing the pants and socks from the day before and a hoodie covering up the fact I had no shirt on.

Hadn't showered, not yet brushed my teeth, Knox comes running out in his sleeping bag asking for a new Yoghurt muesli bar to be opened,' he wrote.

"Her parents are very relieved," said Jessica Peterson, attorney for Englert's parents.

Based on the testimony from two mental health experts, Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills determined Englert was incompetent to stand trial Monday.

However the festival was probably held in honor of Zeus, This would be consistent with what Kearns describes as "a wide spread cultic-mythic phenomenon in which a hero or heroine is worshipped in conjunction with a god, while an aetiological myth explains that he or she was the first to perform the rite." dating from c.

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