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Here's Ludwig's site (and the Black Beauty) for further information: Ludwig Drums USA - Drumkits, Snare Drums, Concert & Marching Percussion they don't look like any standard ludwig lug that I've ever seen. The original Tube Lugs are very expensive (21€ the piece), maybe its worth to exchange all the lugs and the hoops?

Is the seamless made shell itself the evidence that the shell is original Ludwig or are there any other types out there to mix it up? Besides, the badge has a 1966 serial (actually, who knows, Ludwig serials were kinda screwy sometimes).

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The Ludwig sample set includes the infamous 'tea towel on the head' (the drum, not the player!

) variant that was employed by Ringo during some of the Beatles sessions.

Although now synonomous with acrylic drums, Ludwig Vistalites were not the first and, some would argue, not the best acrylic drums produced.

Acrylic drums were first produced by Bill Zickos from Kansas in 1959 with commercial production beginning a decade later.

Sellers says that he bought the drum new 4,5 years ago, but i never saw this type of tube-lugs ever on a Ludwig BB.

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