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Which would, of course, be embarrassing enough if it wasn't for the fact that the heart-throb actor and director is also accused of launching into a drunken tirade at officers who pulled him over for drink-driving in the early hours on the Pacific Coast Highway.

And worse, that he unleashed a hate-filled anti-Semitic rant, saying: 'F****** Jews.

But a distant uncle (Brian Cox) arrives at the funeral, and he explains to him that a man’s strength doesn’t lie in his sword but in his brain. This is one of the significant events that is about to make Wallace the smart and strong man that he’ll become. Flash-forward many years, and Wallace (Mel Gibson) returns to his village, as it is where he belongs.

Images d'archives, témoignages, photos, tout y est pour (re)découvrir la star.À 50 ans, Sophie Marceau peut se targuer d'être l'une des actrices françaises les plus appréciées au monde.

As a caring woman, Marceau works for animal welfare and speaks out against blood-shedding animal sports.

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