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20 and jailed for drug smuggling, after her mother, an Oregon physician, mailed a three-month supply of the medication Adderall to South Korea, where her daughter was living.

The arrest came after Russell shipped the medication to Nagoya, Japan, where she was about to begin a teaching career.

An American woman remains in a Japanese jail for shipping her prescribed attention-deficit disorder medication to Japan, where she traveled to teach.

Offering an assortment of data about yourself to an audience who has not asked for, nor is particularly interested in, the details of your life is strange behavior.

It violates all the social norms we associate with relevance and redundancy. There are many activities we practice in English classes that aren’t expected to mirror the real world, nor are they expected to bear immediate, instrumental fruit on the English street. You merely think it is important for English learners to be able to retrieve and offer this data when necessary and self-intros allow you to practice these forms. Being able to retrieve and offer this information when necessary implies the bald fact that only certain types of information, offered in a certain order, within specific situations should be our pedagogical goal.

Izumo Taisha (o_) is located in the city of Izumo in Shimane Prefecture, a one hour train ride west of Matsue. There are no records of exactly when Izumo Taisha was built, but it is often considered the oldest shrine in Japan, being already in existence in the early 700s as revealed by the nation's oldest chronicles.

Izumo used to be ruled by a powerful clan in pre-historic times, and the region plays a central role in Japan's creation mythology.

She said the Adderall was sent in a used Tylenol bottle, instead of its prescription bottle, to fool potential thieves.

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