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Just a few weeks after Whats App was found to be flashing photos that users weren’t supposed to see, we’ve got another privacy glitch: this time, it looks like changing your privacy settings doesn’t stop people from tracking your status and any changes you’ve made to profile photos, status messages and settings. It was reported to Whats App as early as September 2014.

Now, Dutch student Maikel Zweerink has cooked up an app to illustrate Whats App’s weaknesses.

A cute boy he’d hung out with a few times back in the city was in area for the weekend as well, and Jack seemed determined to send him the perfect shirtless selfie.

He scaled a bank of dirt and engaged in a prolonged face-off with his phone camera, trying to capture the ideal ratio of shadow to light.

A couple summers ago, some friends and I took a trip upstate, hunting for watering holes.

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