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But now, our traditions have relaxed, few would blink an eye if you signed a lease with your significant other — and plenty of those couples who do are seriously committed."If you want to do a statistical model and predict who will get married, it's people who are already living together who have the biggest chance," Pamela Smock, professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, told the If you purposefully act like you aren't really into someone just to protect your pride in case they aren't really into you, you're needlessly introducing drama and confusion into the relationship.

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Of course not — why would he buy the cow when he can get the milk for free?

Only 39% of women hope men would not ask them to contribute.

Now, I know there are probably more sophisticated devices available, but this one fits nicely in my handbag and works on batteries.

Get that sucker out the minute you sit down at the table with Mr./Mrs. If the needle even gets close to the red area, excuse yourself to the restroom and bolt out the back door.

I lowkey really hate any kind of messaging, whether it’s texting or chatting on whatever app.” – Quyen, early twenties. Which gets repetitive, and then gets boring.” – Matt, late twenties.

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