Over weight online dating

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But suggesting you are much smaller than you actually are is the dumbest lie in the world – the jig is up the second you walk into the Starbucks. I hesitated to write this, since I could have just said nothing, but decided to write you as encouragement.

I know exactly what you tell yourself: a) “Those pictures really are me, so it’s not a lie.” b) “Dating profiles are advertising, and advertising always shines the most flattering light on a product.” c) “He just gets to know me and then he’ll fall for the real me — which has nothing to do with how I look.”a), b) and c) — all lies you’re telling yourself, sweetie. Yes, you should depict yourself in the best possible light — but the SEC has laws against misleading advertising for a reason. You’re foxy, and your profile is foxy too.‘Nuff said. ]Now, I get that you’re not feeling good in your body.

It feels like things should be different in the church.

Markers of spiritual maturity, like depth of character or willingness to serve, should trump my above-average BMI, but rarely is that the case.

Dating as an overweight woman can be more difficult.

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