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Paul • Toledo • Greensboro • Newark • Plano • Henderson • Lincoln • Buffalo • Jersey City • Chula Vista Fort Wayne • Orlando • St.Pierluigi Oliverio (born 1969) was the District 6 representative on the San Jose City Council.

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In the face of climate change, a revised General Plan together with an executive-summary Climate Action Plan would provide decision-makers and the public with a document and a tool (with estimated metrics) that identifies all city policies and programs that provide climate change benefits to the community.

In summary and as developed in the analysis, which follows: The current GHG Strategy is contained and embedded in the General Plan.

We forward these comments at this time in light of recent meetings where Staff recommended no change to GHG Strategy in GP2040.

Our careful analysis below respectfully disagrees with this conclusion and we ask consideration of the following comments for re-opening the framework of the GHG Strategy for both format ( need for a stand alone Climate Change Plan) and substantive revisions ( outlining measurable linkages between reductions and policy strategies).

Pierluigi Oliverio is a former member of the San Jose City Council in California, representing District 6 from 2007 to 2016.

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