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The dating part is just a simple add-on, not important, but it is there.

You get to dress up and play some minigames in the hopes of finding Prince Charming. Pirates In Love - You're the only girl on board a ship with a bunch of hot pirate men!

My Forged Wedding - Looks like you pretend to be the wife of a bishie for (some tangled plot reason) and then end up falling for him? Konkatsu For Marriage = I'm not sure how to translate konkatsu exactly but it's apparently about finding a husband?

Now, it wouldn’t be an AKB48 game with Namco Bandai putting together an awesome bundle, just check out what you get in this Limited Edtion: for PSP (on two UMDS) or Vita Four making of DVDs with AKB48 idols (400 minutes) Three making of DVDs with SKE48 idols (300 minutes) Two making of DVDs with NMB48 idols (200 minutes) One making of DVD with the HKT48 idols (100 minutes) A 150 page swimsuit photobook with all of the idols Ten photos Code for downloadable content and a limited edition box for ¥14,679 There will also be a standard edition which will set you back ¥7, 329 as well as a bonus, three pictures of the girls if you choose to pre-order the game.

Dating simulation games started gaining popularity in Japan during the 90's.

I can't remember if Memories Off has an english patch, but I think it's a visual novel from my understanding.

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