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In 1843, the Erie Railroad, although then only three hours end-to-end, put into service the Diamond Cars -- so known because the truss-work in their sides dictated that the windows be of that shape.

These blankets meet the Pullman Company standards - 100% wool, a full 66" by 96" blanket, and perhaps most importantly, Made in USA!

ELDCPS is pleased to have partnered with Faribault Woolen Mills to recreate these blankets. While researching the various markings for Pullman blankets, I came across this one.

Pullman formed several years ago after some conversations by Ken Brown and Curtis Harvey during collaborations on other recordings, principally during the sessions for Loftus’ self-titled cd (Perishable) and Rex’s C (Southern).

After some consideration and an opening in their schedules the two recruited other like-minded and longtime collaborators Chris Brokaw and Douglas Mc Combs.

He learned the trade, but there wasnt enough business to support both brothers, and George had to find other employment.

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